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Analysis Inc.

Analysis Inc. was started in 1973 to provide a full range of consulting services to the transportation industry. Some of our services included projects in P/D, Dock operations, Costing, and IT software systems. We believe our strengths come from our ability to draw from a wide variety of specialized skills and practical real-world experience. We are particularly proud of the fact that over the years much of our growth has come from clients we have successfully served in the past.

Consulting Services

Our mission is to help organizations effectively manage their constantly changing work environment by assisting them to identify and implement practical process improvement programs. We work closely with all levels of your organization to help understand your operation and provide economical solutions in the areas of Process Improvement, Increased Profitability, Work Flow Optimization, Customer Service and Improved Software Systems.

Process Improvement and Operations Analysis

Organizations often lack the expertise, time or manpower to plan, launch, and establish new processes/technology projects, Analysis Inc. provides various types of industry experience, strategic vision, and a can do attitude. All of our projects start with individual interviews with Executive Management to articulate the organizations immediate and long term business objectives and expectations. We then Interview administrative personnel to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current processes. Frequent communications and strategy sessions ensure that the results are ongoing and successful. This is where processes, software and business blend together for greater efficiency and effectiveness.